GLO-STICK® Complete Dye Leak Detection Kit

The GLO-STICK® Complete Fluorescent Leak Detection Kit is great for diagnosing leaks in small-medium HVAC/R systems. Easily overcomes system pressure by connecting the single-use GLO-STICK® capsule via the low-pressure gauge of a charged manifold and the service port using bleed valves. Refrigerant and fluorescent dye is added in one simple step!


  • Single-Dose Capsule
  • Co-Solvent Free Dye
  • Comes with 4 sizes/concentrations to match the capacity of the system
  • Works in all AC&R systems, overcomes system pressure up to 450 PSI
  • Remains Safely in the system 24/7

Part No. Product Dose Treats (oil)
SPE-HVLGSE GLO-STICK® Complete Dye Leak Detection Kit 0.5 oz (15 ml) SPE-GS1E treats up to 2 tons (7 kW) of cooling SPE-GS2E treats up to 6 tons (21.1 kW) of cooling SPE-GS3E treats up to 12 tons (42.2 kW) of cooling