BigEZ™ Complete Fluorescent Dye Leak Detection Kit

BigEZ™ Complete Leak Detection kit is perfect for preventative maintenance and diagnosing leaks for medium-large sized AC&R systems . The reusable cartridge and injector assembly make it easy to use because no additional refrigerant or pouring is required. This convenient injection method easily over comes system pressure and allows you to introduce the exact dye amount into the system every time.


  • Multi-Dose Cartridge
  • Co-Solvent Free Dye
  • Inject with the turn of a handle
  • Works in all AC&R systems, overcomes system pressure up to 200 PSI
  • Remains Safely in the system 24/7

Part No. Product Dose Treats (oil)
SPE-HVLBEZE BigEZ™ Complete Fluorescent Dye Leak Detection Kit 4 oz (118 ml) cartridge Treats up to: 16 gallons (61 L) of lubricant or 400 lbs (181 kg) of refrigerant or 150 tons (527.5 kW) of cooling